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    Image Plates and Water Decal Haul!

    I saw this XL image plate C from someone's post and immediately fell in love with it.
    Lucky as I am that I am in Hong Kong, I can buy on www.taobao.com. I found these plates for less than $3USD. So, then I got the plate B and 4 water decal stickers as well. The total, including the shipping fee, was less than $7USD. I find no reason to go out shopping in the hot humid weather anymore when I can just shop online an have the products shipped to my door. First of all, if I go out to shop for these, $7USD can't even cover my transportation cost. Then I'll still need to walk mindlessly until my legs fall apart and I might not even be able to find them. I love TaoBao. I can find almost anything there and get it ship to me without any hassle.

    Anyways, for these plates, I heard they are thin and bends easily. I checked and yes, they do dent if you are too rough with them. The Konad plates are much more sturdier than these. Also, people said they scratch easily. I will need to try them out to tell. But hey, for $2.5USD, don't be too picky.

    As for the water decals, they are gorgeous. The color and quality is way better than many other that I have gotten before. Absolutely loving them. Hope to be able to use them ASAP.



    1. me too r in hongkong...leaving tomorrow i have also purchased xl plate c yesterday..:)

      1. ooo...what else did you get?
        Any recommendation on where I can find some pretty stuff?
        Tho I live in HK....I rarely go out for shopping....due to work and the hot sticky weather hahaha


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